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A Day of Days

"What is more exciting than my day?" you ask. Well, even if this is one of the few moments you weren't about to ask that, you must admit it would have been quite a magnificent question. Today was a day like none other. I have felt the pain of Lincoln, the care of Mother Teresa, and the peace of Ghandi. I have seen the splendor of Rome, the grunge of London, and the majesty of Jakarta. The sun rose to a valley of silhouettes waiting to be released and set to a mob of enervated figures. In between, it shined like a radioactive basketball. (Yep, radioactive.)

To be honest, today was no where near the greatness I have set it up to be. It was pretty similar to the others. It was warm, though. That's good enough in my book. Mmm...warmth.

Coming tomorrow: Joy, gaiety, pain, catastrophe, anything? Please?

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