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Of Persecution and Romance

So I forgot to publish my blog and now my post from Thursday just popped up. Although it is by no means a bad post, if I may say so myself, I would like to bring into light an issue that has been heavy on my heart in the recent days. He has been portrayed by the media as bad, warmongering, and dumb. They say his only goal is to destroy and slowly kill all who oppose him, but there is little substance to these arguments.

Godzilla is just a peace-loving creature who just wants to survive. Whenever he comes out of his watery dwelling to socialize, the world greets him with screams of terror and turned heads. Whenever he tries to get a girl, the world instantly relates him to a creature completely unrelated to him, King Kong. They look to the twisted example of King Kong's barbaric monkey love and pass of Godzilla as just the same. This cruel stereotyping is the reason he is perceived as such a "menace".

Although he may be different, that is no reason to hate, either. Those kind of tactics were employed abundantly throughout human history by names that live in infamy; names I do not dare mention so will simply call them "Danny boy". The "Danny boys" have created genocides to try to rid their world of the "different" people. One even went so far as to try and create a perfect, arian race, which I sadly am not a member of. Just because Godzilla is tall, green, and lizard-like doesn't mean he should be exiled or killed.

So before you persecute Godzilla, think to yourself, "What would PETA do?"

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Blogger Ryan in his/her infinite wisdom said...

hey dude you should read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, it modles that exactly, it was written during the romatic era in england and it being the actual first document of frankenstein shows how much the movies screwed it up. i guess that frankenstein is actually the scientist who created the 'monster' and the 'monster' is actually an alter ego or dual personality of its creator... its really good

11:03 PM  

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