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I was sitting at my desk and I had this depressing thought creeping into my brain like the first snow of winter; I was bored. What could I possibly do? My thoughts first wandered to ideas such as running through fields of green or shouting out in false ecstasy, but there aren't many fields of green in a wintry Colorado and quite frankly, ecstasy isn't something I enjoy faking. The voices in my head then took a break from their usual conversations about who shot JFK to though one word out from oblivion. "Blog," they said, and as hopeless as I am to resist, I followed this wise advice and began this blog you read now.
As of yet, there is no direction I hope to take the blog; I'm just going to see where it heads by itself. If evolution is any indication, it just may turn into a living, breathing human like myself. Anyway, I'm Rocky, and you stay classy.

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