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Writing About Writer's Block

So today I got writer's block. I sat in classes with my teachers starring ominously at me while I looked blankly at the white void on my desk. Sometimes I starred at the page hoping my telekinesis would somehow cause something to appear on it, and other times I starred past the paper like an ignorant child looking for something in nothing. Sometimes I ventured my gaze as far as the wall or even my fellow classmates, but none of this was the elixir I was seeking. Now that I look back on what I have just written, I wish I could have had even the ability to ramble like this when I needed instead of now when it will only grace the ears of a couple.

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Blogger Ryan in his/her infinite wisdom said...

thanks for gracing me with that post tho... it really did show your writting ability and now i know that you have junk in the trunk

9:57 PM  

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