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"I'll be back."

After a long break from the blog, like California's govenor, I'm back. I saw the blog as quite pointless, but then again, what the hell; it's about to be summer and I'm going to have oodles and oodles (Yeah, I said it.) of free time, and I might as well do a little bit o' this when I get bored of sitting on my deck drinking ice tea and playing my guitar. As my first order of business, I will pass on a few links that have been of quite interest to me.

PostSecret- It's a showcase of anonymous secrets sent in via postcards that creates an eerie exhibition of those things people are too afraid to tell those they know.

Engadget- As you can probably guess from the name, Engadget is all about, well, gadgets. It's actually quite cool, quite cool indeed.

Threadless- While their clothing does have threads, their shirts are cool. It's basically an ongoing t-shirt design competition that yields some pretty cool designs. (This is where I got my panda and sumo-wrestler shirts.)

Busted Tees
- For those of you who are still enthralled in the redundancy that is Urban Outfitters, I give you Busted Tees. (Okay, so they do have something with that genius "You have died of dysentery" shirt.)

Web Zen- It's full of web sites that will put your mind at peace... If you're really messed up, that is. How 'bout I just call it "funny." Yeah, that's about right.

50 Fun Things to Do With Your iPod
- Actually it's only 44, but if you do get bored enough it does tell you where to find an mp3 version of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech. Who could live without that?

Waxy.org- It's random; it's cool. No, I'm not talking about myself, (Though I am both of those) I'm talking about Waxy.org. (Make sure and check out the links section for extra waxy-ness.)

That's all I got for now, but don't worry, I should update more than once every two months. (Happy now, Connor?)

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Anonymous Ken Adams in his/her infinite wisdom said...

I don’t understand this whole design contest at threadless – it’s stupid. Why not use www.spreadshirt.com ? They offer extremely easy to use designer program that will just knock you off your feet – just combine it with extremely high quality of products and you can have the t-shirt you ever wanted in a matter of minutes. You can open your shop for free and sell your designs to others, they take care of everything – you receive your checks. It’s extremely easy, check it out.

8:43 AM  

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