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Of God and Shakespeare

Have you ever thought about your legacy? I know I'm pretty young and "I've got my whole life ahead of me," but what if I don't? How will people look at me after I die? More importantly, how will God look at my life? I guess all these thoughts kind of entered my mind as Pastor Paul said a tidbit about the sermon I missed the other week because of a wedding reception. (Who gets married these days, anyways?) I've been thinking about it since and if I died today, my life would be a tragedy. If life were "but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more," the audience would feel the tragedy's signature emotion of waste as it ended. I've been given all these abilities, but for what? They certainly haven't been used for their true purpose yet, so what am I waiting for? I'm the talented actor who never learned the script. How can I get my message across before the closing curtain comes? There's surely no encore or next performance; it's closing night. To keep the metaphor alive, it feels like I'm too focused on the scenes to see the acts or the entire world outside my stage.

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Blogger in_him_2008 in his/her infinite wisdom said...

I love that post, that was amazing! But if you died tomorrow, i would be highly depressed...... for a long long long time.... i dont think i would ever quite get over it

11:13 PM  

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