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"I suck."

Saturday, September 10, 2005
I finally get to go out in the world tomorrow as my grounding is over then. And there was much rejoicing. I can't wait to really get out of my room/jail cell (Never mind, I guess a jail cell would have been worse. I've never reall wanted to be some big black guy's bitch.). If you didn't know why I was grounded, it's all explained in The Denver Post.

So last night I was sitting in my cell and my dad comes a knocking at my door. He says I gots visitors. In half confusion, half glee, I stumble down the stairs only to find that my visitors are some of my peers attemping to tp my house. You see, they thought that they could actually get away with tp-ing my house. As is to be expected, my dad caught them; they didn't even try to tie the door shut. Caught in the act of vandalism, they are grmbling around and cleaning it up. I will give them the credit that they managed to get quite a few roles in my tree. The problem, however, was that the roles were still intact as they pulled them from the tree.

During this clean up process, the culprits said a few things, but I know what they were thinking. They were thinking, "Wow, I really suck at this. I wish I were as cool as Rocky and never got caught tp-ing. I guess since I suck so hard, it's just as right that I am cleaning up my tp. Maybe next time, I will wait until the inhabitants of the house are asleep, and I have only the cops to deal with. At least, then all my muttering of curse words is a little more justified. Why do I suck so much?" Or, for one of them, all they were thinking was, "I wonder how you turn off my hazards."

I just looked at them and laughed.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005
In light of the recent disaster that revaged the South, so many people are looking for ways to help. I know people are harboring and helping families. Heck, even the IB program is doing something. If you haven't found a way to help, or if you have $10 hanging around, I found something for you. One of my favorite websites, Threadless, is selling t-shirts to give money to the Red Cross. For every $10 shirt sold, the company will donate $20 to the Red Cross. It is a great deal, a great cause, and a great looking shirt.

Threadless.com Product - Regrowth: Katrina

I am not a monster.

Sunday, September 04, 2005
So, because of some fun events, I've been grounded for the past week, and today, I got so bored that I just started drawing some stuff. I can't gat zooming to work, but I'll work on it.