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As we grow older, we're always gaining wisdom from the world around us. If we aren't, then we're just too darn selfish. Attempting to not be selfish, I would like to share with you some of the wisdom I have gained from the world around me:

  1. You need exactly 1 sense to play a mean game of pinball. More required to be a cult leader.
  2. "Bob Ross is rolling over in his grave right now, if this is what we're calling art these days. Happy trees my ass." -Alex Blagg
  3. "Mondays suck."-Me
  4. "You've always been the type to see the glass half-full, but that will change next week when you start drinking." -the stars (as translated by The Onion)
  5. Naked > Clothed (when it comes to comfort not grandparents)
That's about the end of my wisdom for now. You gots any smarts/wisdoms?

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